Dear Readers.

The Summer is now over, and the Fall semester is right around the corner. I will be returning to the University of Georgia on Thursday to begin the last year of my undergraduate studies. I am looking forward to obtaining my bachelor’s degree after five years of study (I did the first two part-time while I was still working full-time). For those of you who do not know, I am a history and religion double-major, with a certificate in Medieval Studies. My favorite areas of study are European history (particularly Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages), and the history of Christianity.

At this point in the game, I’m down to mostly taking electives. I still have to take one history elective (which I’m taking this Fall), my senior seminar in history (I’m taking that my last semester), and I have to take one more religion class to satisfy my religion major. Aside from those, I’m mostly taking electives. For this semester, I am taking the following classes:

1. Tudor-Stuart England

2. History of Late Antiquity

3. Medieval Philosophy

4. Greek I

I have enjoyed my Summer break thoroughly, but now I am eager to get back to work and finish my undergraduate degree. I feel like this will be a good semester, with a good mixture of subjects that pique my interests well. After having taken four semesters of Latin, I now will be starting my study of ancient Greek. By the time that I graduate next May, I should have two Greek courses under my belt, giving me an advantage once I begin my graduate studies. After spending a few years working hard, and studying for long hours, I relish the thought of finally holding my degree in my hands. The fruit of my labor will be sweet indeed!