The last day of the year is here once more, and once again a new year is dawning upon us. I cannot help but look back on this year with mixed feelings overall. There were a variety of experiences, both bad and good, and I was always constantly busy. That being said, however, though 2015 proved to be a most challenging year for myself, I feel as though I have bettered myself overall despite these challenges.

I was, admittedly, an emotional wreck at the beginning of this year, still reeling as I was from the breakup that I had experienced at the end of 2014 with a certain young lady, whom shall remain nameless. I was in a deep depression over that whole affair for a good part of the year, which in turn affected my physical health as well because I did not exercise as well as I should. I put back on a few extra pounds as a result (which does wonders for my already wounded self-esteem). They say that time heals all wounds, however, and while I’m not sure that the passage of time heals the wounds so much as makes us numb to them, I am beginning to experience a turn around in regards to my feelings. I have already planned to start exercising once again, and my diet will also be more closely monitored and regulated. I would also like to the gym whenever I can, maybe I’ll convince my parents to finally start exercising like they should too.

I managed to make some progress in my university studies this year. I made both the Dean’s List and the Presidential Scholar’s List this year, and I completed two full semesters and a Summer semester to top it off. I was able to get a better grasp on the Latin language (and I look forward to increasing that knowledge this Spring semester). I took a class on Buddhism, which really helped to fill a gap in my knowledge. I plan to also take a class on Hinduism this Spring, taught by the same professor who seems to really like me. These classes should really help me to better understand the ways in which Asian cultures understand religion and philosophy, I think. I cannot say that I really had any bad professors this year, on the contrary, they were all great and I am sure that I shall be able to get enough recommendations for graduate school later. I am also proud to say that I discovered that I can earn a certificate in Medieval Studies here at UGA without having to take any extra classes, which thrills me to death! I have also finally become a Senior in college now, finally. I should be graduating in the Spring of 2017, with my BA in history and religious studies. I just have to keep working at it until I am finished. Stay the course!

Now about my New Year’s Resolution. I would like to read more Stoic philosophy in 2016, and hopefully try to put some of the insights that these ancient wisemen had into practice in my own life, with the goal that I will not be controlled by the negative emotions in my life that help cause depression. I want to learn to experience the ancient art of Stoic Joy, in addition to the joy that I have in Christ. I think that will do it for now, guys. Here’s to a new year, with better days ahead!