Welcome to my blog. I am William Leslie Courtney, but my friends just call me Leslie. I have been an avid blog reader for a while now, and I’ve become good friends with several of the bloggers that have personally blessed my life over the years. The whole experience has stirred up a desire in me to create my own blog and share my thoughts with other people who will hopefully be as blessed by them as I have been blessed by others. This blog will have a few set purposes, chief of which shall be an outlet for me to share my thoughts about the various subjects that I have been interested in over the years, such as history, religious studies, philosophy, sociology, etc. I’m currently going to school in the hopes of one day becoming a scholar, and I was already something of a rogue scholar in the years between high school and college (about seven years or so). My goal is to one day obtain a B.A in both history and religious studies before pursuing either a M.Div. (Master of Divinity) or a M.T.S. (Master of Theological Studies), perhaps both before I’m done. I would then like to start teaching, serving the Lord in helping others to understand the rich heritage of the Christian faith.

I am also an avid reader of literature, of various genres and styles, and so I’ll certainly be posting reviews of some of the fiction that I have been reading. So the blog won’t just be about boring old subjects like how Origen castrated himself with two rocks, or how I know exactly how many angels CAN dance on the head of a pin, but also about other, less serious matters as well. I can’t promise it will be the most groundbreaking and profound blog that you will read, but at the very least you might be entertained by some of my snarky ranting. So without further ado, welcome to my blog!

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” – Dante.